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  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Southern Cross International Learning Institute (SCILI)

business managementSCILI offers Inspired Instruction from Qualified, Talented Trainers and Teachers.

SCILI is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (Reg. 32506). We are one of the long established and operating RTO’s within Australia and internationally.

Education as well as Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. We also offer Language training for English language teachers with our training Certificate IV in TESOL.

You are obviously looking for the course and considering what to choose , what delivery method will suit your life style, if you can complete the course, if the trainer is experienced enough and of course the costs involved.

At SCILI, we understand these questions and offer courses that provide you with the practical knowledge, understanding and skills you need to succeed in the real world.
So rather than vaguely saying we provide “quality” courses, we are proud to specifically offer

  • Trainers with a wealth of training experience in the field
  • Trainers who understand how you learn
  • In depth course content and support along your learning journey

Our trainers go to great lengths to understand how you like to learn, what you want to learn, how they can keep you motivated, and how these focuses will benefit you at the end of your course. Gain the knowledge you need through superior teaching that keeps you motivated and engaged. We are a hands on group of mentors who will support your learning.

We ensure that the qualification you earn is not just a piece of paper. You take with you new and meaningful insights, methods and skills that will assist you in your career and will be key to unlocking the doors to your future.

BENEFITS of studying with SCILI

Nationally accredited Course

Our accredited courses are nationally recognised qualifications equivalent to that of TAFE. To verify our accreditation, go to ​

Practical and Effective Learning

Our trainers / teachers have in-depth knowledge and years of ​experience in training. You learn, you gain and you take with you the ​knowledge , understanding and skills to succeed beyond a paper ​qualification.

Flexible Study Options

No need to give up your job, or travel long distances. You can learn ​while you earn. We offer distance study, and blended study without ​compromising the quality of learning.

Dedicated Professional Support

Prompt replies, useful and helpful advice, gives you timely and ​meaningful feedback to keep you motivated and be confident. We ​focus on quality over quantity and our interest is in seeing you ​succeed in your career.

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL or RCC can be offered to save you time and money by only ​ ​ completing the necessary gap training.


Training and Assessment

Training and AssessmentLooking to become a trainer or a senior trainer?

Learn from expert trainers with a wealth of knowledge and understanding.


TESOL-Female.-Teacher-studentsLooking for employment in teaching English to ESL students?

Take our TESOL course- gain the confidence, skills and experience you need.
Employers are seeking people, properly trained with an Accredited TESOL qualification
Act now ! This qualification will be your asset.

TESOL 40649SA Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language)

Short Courses

Group-MeetingOur objective is to add values to your qualification by customising training programmes to suit the needs of your groups. We know how powerful learning really is.

TESOL Teacher training for overseas English Teachers
Various type of Educational Training workshops