SCILI has been operating for over 25 years within Australia and internationally, delivering a wealth of experience and professional service to clients around the world. With experience in both the tourism industry as well as the education sector, we provide practical and effective assistance to facilitate individual and group learning for clients coming to Australia on tour. As part of our comprehensive range of services and networks, we customise courses and group tours to meet the specific needs of private and corporate clients, and it is for this reason that we have many repeat clients.

We provide a valuable service that you can rely on to organise your study tours and educational needs. We specialise in delivering our services to clients who recognise the value of high quality tour programs and understand the value of the unique opportunities we can give to your clients.

So if you have high expectations and value professionalism, contact us today and see how SCILI can open a world of new opportunity for your clients travelling to Australia.



Noriko brings a wealth of teaching and administrative experience to SCILI and is responsible for designing and organising tours and programs for SCILI’s clients. Noriko has a long history of work in inbound tour operation, having established and operated an inbound tour company catering for international groups and travel agents for over a decade. After also acquiring several other companies including coaching schools, childcare centres and a registered training organisation, Noriko has been involved in designing and delivering vocational education and training to domestic and international clients. As a result, Noriko has been able to leverage her expertise in both the areas of inbound tour design and vocational education to provide SCILI’s clients with the highest quality service.

Noriko is passionate about designing and organising tours and programs for international groups and travel agents with unique educational needs, from tours that incorporate English language workshops to enhance clients’ English skills, to tours that focus on developing more specific skills in remedial massage or customers service for international employees who work alongside English-speaking clients on a day to day basis.

Not only is Noriko interested in providing unique and comprehensive tours and programs to meet the needs of clients, she shares a vision that SCILI’s services should extend beyond mere educational tours and instead establish a commitment to add value and create meaningful learning and professional development experiences for clients.